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It is important to let people know your story to raise awareness about Collagen VI deficiency diseases!

Are you a patient? a family member? a friend? a supporter? And do you agree with us? YES??!! Very well! If you want to help us to make known this disease you can send us your message that will be published in the Section of this website and on the social networks of the Association.

You can take a suggestion from the following questions:

  • Why do you think the association is important?

  • Descriviti con tre aggettivi.

  • Describe yourself with three adjectives.

  • When did you notice that something was wrong? Which symptoms?

  • When did you notice that something was wrong? Which symptoms?

  • When was the condition diagnosed?

  • Has it been difficult to get a diagnosis?

  • How is your life? What are you studying? What do you do?

  • How did the pathology affect your life?

  • Is there a message you want to send to other patients, their families and those who are not affected?

  • What hopes, desires, dreams, personal aspirations do you have for your future?

  • What is your wish for the Association and for col6 patients?

Please send along with the text more photos to be published!

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Our association already has numerous collaborations and partnerships active, because together we are stronger.

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Every story deserves to be told. Many have already done it, do it too!

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