All items shown, both incoming and outgoing, were entered on a cash basis and thus at the time of collection or payment, with no acknowledgement as regards their economic relevance.

The situation as at 31.12.2017 refers to the FIRST year of activity of our Association.

Founded: 28 May 2017.

Employees: the Association has no employees or collaborators, as all activities are carried out on a voluntary basis by members.

Environmental context: the Association operates throughout Italy.

This statement provides a true and accurate representation of the financial situation as well as the annual financial results, and it has therefore been proposed to carry forward the annual surplus, also in accordance with the Articles of the Statute, so that the resources can be reinvested for the realisation of institutional activities.

Social Year Financial Data20172018201920202021
Social Budget Revenues3.611,61 €10.266,68 €22.186,52 €19.638,23 €10.164,89 €
Social Budget Expenditures176,64 €2.739,26 €3.274,95 €12.692,44 €10.893,32 €
Balance Sheet Assets3.434,97 €7.487,42 €18.911,57 €25.857,40 €25.138,41 €
Balance Sheet Liabilities0 €0 €0 €0 €0 €